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The Consciousness Trap Will Make You Regress Spiritually – Avoid It

Many people have become ensnared in the consciousness trap. The music-to-your -ears cosmic messages, on the surface, appear to be beneficial for humanity and the planet. Some are, some aren’t.

Vanquishing The Ego For Tantra Worship

Why is sacrificing the go essential for true tantra worship? The fact is that the ego is the seat of the human’s self-delusion of omnipotence, or all-encompassing power. Thanks to the gift of intelligence bestowed on human beings, man soon begins entertaining the notion that he is in control of his life. Such a mind-set prevents a worshipful attitude.

The Unseen Force Of Faith

The word of God is the original force of all forces. God has honored us to be able to use that force on our behalf. One of the worst things one can do is wait for things to get better when you can take the word of God and make things get better.

Genie of the Lamp

Once there was a mighty King who, in a field, buried a miraculous lamp. This lamp and its guardian Genie had wondrous powers. It was said, who ever possessed and used the wishes correctly, had the knowledge and power of the King them self.

Understanding Karma – “What Goes Around Comes Around”

It is a common misunderstanding that Karma is the retribution or the good fortune metered out to us as a direct result of our actions. This implies the existence of a judgemental force in the universe metering out gifts and punishments depending on whether it deems our actions to be good or bad. This may be true, who knows? But karma can be viewed in a much simpler way when we start to see what the consequences are of our thoughts and actions on our own lives, and the people around us. Karma is about taking responsibility for ourselves, and learning to act and think in more skilful ways producing our own “Good karma”.

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