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Achieving Vibrational Harmony With Your Spiritual Goals

There are many times when even though we are strongly pursuing and embracing an enlightened state of mind and expanded spiritual consciousness, we feel out of balance to our highest self. This state of mind can be highly discouraging, when our focus is firmly planted on good, yet our body and our mind feel anything but.

Think You Missed Your Call?

When we are young we know exactly what we want to be when we grow up. If we look back, we can even tell the precise moment a decision was made to either accept or reject the call. What is this call I speak of, and what has it got to do with our childhood dreams?

What Side Are We On

Are you often astonished how many loving, and thoughtful, spiritual students, take strident sides on issues in social media? Not the honorable discussion where the best ideas are appreciated and supported; but the taking of sides where we essentially say, “You are wrong, I am right, and my side must win, and your side must lose.” It happens in all phases of life, and has for thousands of years.

Numerology and the Planetary Shift Into Higher Consciousness

Sudden and unprovoked change in one’s life is scary and unsettling. When people are provided with knowledge-especially when it has to do with major life changes and a significant spiritual transformation-they tend to calm down. Putting things into perspective brings comfort and we can more easily relax and go with the flow. If a person understands that the turmoil of the shift is simply a step of progress in our spiritual evolution, he or she may be more inclined to tune in to what Spirit is saying and find peace in the process.

2012: The Doorway to Heaven Is Open Now

What does this statement mean to you? Does it conjure up any image? Do you see the pearly white gates of heaven standing wide open for all to enter? Imagine that on the other side of the gates is a new world all shiny and sparkling in the sunlight, offering you gifts unimaginable, with peace, joy and bliss being the order of the day. What if you did not have to die before you could experience this. How does that make you feel? If it excites you, then read on.

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