The BioRhythm EBook 2021 Review – Should You Buy The Biorhythm?

How Can Spirituality Be Sexy?

This is an article about how sex, passion and aliveness are the best areas to begin working with personal development work and spirituality. Many people see the spiritual as very serious, geared toward inner peace and calmness. But I always thought that sounded incredibly boring! In my spiritual practice, I wanted passion, life force, spiritual ecstasy (and physical!) So I have developed a system and a business around helping people discover, rejuvenate, initiate their PASSION for relationships, business and spirituality!

Let Your Life Be the Wrong Address

This life we see today and all its glory we certainly be destroyed one day. we must prepare for the life beyond. We were created by God wit a divine purpose. we must acknowledge him in all our ways in order to secure our life eternal.

Beauty – The Physical and the Divine!

At every point in our lives here on Earth, on this part of our journey through the universe, we will be seeing and experiencing beauty through our eyes, and making so many decisions based on our interpretation of the word itself. We will associate with others, fall in love, make friends, and all our attraction to others will be based on this interpretation of beauty. We will live through some mini-lifetimes seeing beauty as rigidly unchanged and a few will do this until death.

How to Get Closer to God? In Search of Happiness

We are all in search of happiness. The easiest way to achieve our goal is to get close to God, talk to Him. We can do it without embracing a religion or joining an established church. The Bible describes several episodes when prophets talk to God: Moses and the burning bush, St. Paul on the road to Damascus and others. We can also meet the sacred through contact with nature. in dreams, in relationships, in art, in meditation, in prayer and through the body. Also through Active Imagination, a method developed by Carl Jung.

The Battle of Supremacy Between The Ego and The Soul

Brother Turiyananda greeted the class at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake-Shrine in Southern California. There is a tremendous intensity of dedication requested to those who are taking this path. You know this spiritual path is the most difficult.

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