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The Agarthean Gods and Goddesses

Agartha is an underground kingdom believed to exist in the Hollow Earth, which is an esoteric concept that upholds a belief in a supreme and technologically advanced underground civilization. Nagas are mentioned in numerous Hindu texts like the Puranas. The presented article will go deeper into the Agarthean kingdom.

Angel Unaware – Conscious Living Reveals the Mystery of Life

The phenomenon of angels doesn’t require that we believe they exist. A sense of awareness and willingness to open our hearts and minds to whatever clouds true perception, allows light to shine through the layers of conditioning and quantum energy field surrounding all matter. Many people living conscious lives are angels unaware. They come and go before we really understand their role in the grand scheme of life. They inspire without taking, provide without giving, and won’t allow denial and ignorance in the space they enter for a fleeting moment in time.

How to Blend Your Earthly and Spiritual Beings

Most spiritualists find it difficult to be accepted by family and friends who don’t understand your spiritual goals and experiences. While you go through your ascension process, it is important to remember that your ascension process is yours and yours alone and shouldn’t be shared with non-spiritualists. Not that ascension is a secret, it is just a personal process.

Are Men Still Gentlemen In The Presence Of Ladies?

Do men still know how to be gentlemen in the presence of ladies? Here are some simple rules to follow to be assured that a lady always sees the men in her presence as what they are created to be — Gentlemen.

The Distance Between Surrender And Vision

Surrendering to God’s will does not mean you have a clarity on what it is. There is a time of waiting between surrender and vision. Instead of knowing to what we are surrendering, all we know is to WHOM we are surrendering.

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