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The Word Of God Provides A Source Of Inexhaustible Material For Spiritual Blessing and Enrichment

Some weeks ago, I began a serious study of the Sermon on the Mount and it has been a richly rewarding time, examining what Jesus Christ actually said and how he is commenting on what was taught and revealed in the Old Testament and how the Scribes and Pharisees and legalists had distorted and twisted much of what Almighty God had said through Moses and the prophets. The Old Testament indicates the reality of sin and the power of sin and its devastating effects. Some people tend to run away from this fact and even in government circles today we see leadership which has gone against the ways and plans and will of God. In the Old Testament, we see something of the problem, and then God gives us the remedy, as Jesus Christ comes to us in our sin to rescue us and forgive us. You are forgiven. Now live like this. That is the basic message of the Sermon on the Mount.

The Reign of the Horses

The white horse spoken of in Revelation 6: 2 represent those mighty servant of the Living god with the great anointing to take the saving gospel of Christ Jesus from the western countries to the rest of the world. On the other hand, the red horse quoted in verse 3 of Revelation chapter 6 represent the great servants of God Most high from the eastern countries. They arise from the nations of the East steeped in perpetual civil strife and spiritual warfare. To all these mighty servants of God Most High the sealed secrets of our God are revealed. And it is through the ministries given these servants that the wealth, wisdom and strength which Christ obtained at the Cross on behalf of His Church (Revelations 5: 12) is equally given in greater proportions. When however it comes to black Africa, the ancient Egypt, although the cherub of Most High God presenting her before the Throne is declaring their lands as full of oppression and hunger amid abundance of alcohol; there is something very special though about her; the great anointing and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Revelation 6: 6).

Don’t Build Your Life On The Sand

What is important when building firm foundations for our lives? Who should we build our lives on?

A Prayer To God In Time Of Danger

Are you facing any danger then, remember the prayer of King David when he was running away from his son who had usurp the throne and he prayed that GOD should turn the counsel of Ahitophel into foolishness. The LORD heard him and delivered him from the hands of those who seek after his life. You should do the same by reposing your confidence on the one true GOD who is able to deliver HIS own from any danger whatsoever and rendering this prayer with faith, believing that HE has deliver you even before you start praying.

Gratitude – Is It a Set Up for Failure?

An attitude of gratitude has always been a precursor for living in a good moral standing. Those that are not grateful, we are told, will be miserable, will not go the heaven, or will not receive more. But this very notion that we must be grateful in order to “get” something else, is a set up for failure. Here is why.

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