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How to Pass On the Salvation You Have Found to Your Own Children

Most parents worry about the values of their children as they grow older. This article tackles how one can influence a child to live a good life.

Christian Codependency: Six Things That Block You From Acceptance

Acceptance is holding out your hand and receiving what is given to you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you can to better the situation or decide how to respond to it, it just means you stop fighting the reality of life as it is at that moment. These six things block you from acceptance…

The Leading of the Spirit

We do not have the ability to lead ourselves. But it is the responsibility of the Lord to determine our ways and to lead us in the right paths.

Who Am I?

Do you know who you are? Re-think your self-evaluation before it is too late.

So Familiar

Often in our lives we meet people who seem familiar. We search our memory for a key to where we have met them before. Sometimes we even ‘accidentally’ refer to them by a different name excusing the mistake with some comment like, “I’m not very good with remembering names”.

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