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What If This Was Your Only Path To God?

How do we move ourselves out of suffering? When terrible things happen or we feel awful, can we be mindful and find peace in the midst of such pain? Can we accept what is, or even love what is? If this was our only path to freedom, love, happiness… would we take it away from ourselves? Using The Work of Byron Katie can change the entire human experience of a troubling situation. It is possible to question your thinking and change your entire perception of what happened, to change your entire world.

After Graduation, What?

I am a splendid young fellow, 21 years old, a freshman at the tertiary institution, not of athletic build, but keen-eyed. My father, a devout Christian and a lawyer standing high in his profession, my mother, one of God’s saints.

Vampires: Are They Real?

Vampires are popular in our culture and considered myths. However, women who are abused in relationships are often dealing with vampire spirits. Learn about the spirit that uses men to attack women.

Has the Lord’s Prayer Failed to Heal You?

The Lord’s Prayer is intended to be a starter on how to pray. So for those who are sick or otherwise in need, it is best to go past the primer so that their prayers accomplish much. This article will give some tips in that direction.

El Pilato: How a Peruvian Tradition Illustrates Ephesians 4

The annual burning of pilatos in the Peruvian Amazon is illustrative of the Ephesians 4 challenge to “put off” the former way of life characterized by a corrupt view of God and self. Who knows what might become of the very ashes of that burned pilato?

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