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The Morphing Nature of Judeo Christian Traditions

Today in both the Church and Jewish communities there are many traditions that are observed that are not Biblical. Unfortunately, these traditions have nothing to do with how God instructed his people to worship. The first five books of the Bible, called the Torah, detail the preferences perscribed for God’s people.

2012: Unconditional Love and Sex Explained

As we near the end of 2012 more and more people are awakening to the energy of unconditional love. What is unconditional love and is it anything like love as we know it? Unconditional love is simply love without condition. And the answer to the latter is no, it is nothing like human love.

Visual Perception in the Multiverse

This article explores the idea of astral vision, which is the visual perception of human beings in their disembodied state. Astral vision allows a spirit to peer into any part of the multiverse without regard to the limitations of time and space.

3 Secrets to Finding Peace Amidst the Storm

When trouble comes, our first inclination is to believe God has deserted us or doesn’t care about our plight. We look for proof of God’s love by expecting him to rescue us from our difficult circumstance. In short, we place our security in our circumstances changing. But what if our security rested on our beliefs about the goodness of God’s nature and character? What if we could rest in the one guiding our circumstances, and believed we could trust him no matter what we felt?

The Greatness of Grace

Do you feel like you can’t do it anymore? You are exhausted and you can’t find anything to give you peace… Have I got some good news for YOU!

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