The Most (And Least) Common Zodiac Signs

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The Most (And Least) Common Zodiac Signs:

In case you wonder: Yes, certain zodiac signs are more common than others. Even though some of them are represented by almost the same amount of people, there is quite a difference between the most and least common sign. This video explains the percentages for every zodiac sign out there. Just keep in mind that they are based on the United States population.

A long story short, Scorpio is the most common zodiac sign in the United States. Aquarius is the least common one. There are about a third less Aquarians than there are Scorpios. That’s a significant difference in our opinion.

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We couldn’t find enough data about the rest of the world. This is U.S. only. Maybe it’s a good representation, or maybe there’s difference between continents. Feel free to share your thoughts and knowledge. Let’s also wait and see what happens over time.

Now that we shared the most and least common zodiac signs, we hope this information is of help. Every sign is represented by a lot of people, some however seem to occur more often than others.


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