The Science Behind Crystals & Effects On Healing The Body

In the last decade, there has been a surge of metaphysical healing tools and global curiosity with alternative or holistic healing modalities, such as crystal healing, energy healing, meditation, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and so on.  Although crystals and energy healing may seem “trendy,” the knowledge of these natural healing modalities have been around for more than 30,000 years, dating back to ancient civilizations of the Lumerians, Sumerians of Mesopotamia, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indian and Asian cultures.  These ancient civilizations used crystals for many purposes from creating healing elixirs, rituals to bury the deceased, promote good health, and used as amulets for protection and attainment of wealth. Thankfully science if finally catching up to what the ancients have known all along. My goal is to help you have a better understanding of what crystals are, and how they are believed to facilitate healing with scientific facts.    

As we may be well aware, all solid matter is made from atomic particles. Crystals are minerals that are formed under the Earth’s surface and depending on the environmental conditions, such as pressure, temperature, and chemicals, it will create various colors, shapes and influence the type of crystal that is created.  The crystals are formed by atoms into organized repeating patterns.  These patterns are not alien to just crystals though. We have organized repeating patterns in many things like our own DNA, ice, some liquids, sugar, chocolate, sand, and metal.  The way the atoms are arranged is how the shape of the crystal is determined and can be categorized into one of six “families,” which are cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic, and hexagonal.      

Aside from the geometric shapes, when crystals are formed into solid matter, this type of structure is called lattice, where extra electrons are stored and organized into vibrational modes called phonons. The electrons are what enables crystals to change from one form of energy into another, and flow electromagnetic energies through them.  The study of quantum physics demonstrates how the natural phenomenon of energy transfer is possible, and because of that, today we use crystal vibration in modern technology inside our credit card chips, lasers, radios, microphones, computers, and even watches to provide accurate measurement of time. 

In The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, they note the experiments of Alexander Gurvich in 1923, in which DNA had remarkable interactions with minerals between living organisms. From his research, Gurvich said living molecules emit photons of light at regular intervals and compared them to be like a laser beam.  He reported that “cells separated by a quartz screen mutually influenced each other’s multiplication processes, which was not the case with a metal screen. He deduced that cells emit electromagnetic waves with which they communicate.” Because of this, it is believed the quartz screen even amplified the energy flow between the cells and into greater coherence, since each of our cells emits electromagnetic energy.  

Further energetic studies of crystal vibrations in application to technology conclude that crystals balance disrupted energetic vibrations, which are brought back into harmony with the use of crystals as opposed to not having them, which is why they are used in radios to strengthen signals and convert electromagnetic vibrations into sound waves.  The same principle is applied with crystal healing and the human body with bringing our energetic vibration and cells back into harmony.  Looking at crystals under a microscope show moving particles of energy, each having its own unique vibration- just as humans do.    

Quantum mechanics and new physics tell us that humans as living organisms are made of energy, and are more than just physical bodies.  We are all pulsating fields of energy at different vibrations. Thanks to modern science, we can actually measure our vibration using machines such as SQUID, which stands for superconducting quantum interference device, that reveals information and subtle changes in the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the human body, aka the aura.  Taking this a step further, technology now allows us to use machines such as magnet cardiograms and magneto encephalograms to provide accurate readings of frequency emanating from the hands of a Reiki practitioner (7-10Hz, ranging between Theta and Alpha waves), producing a significantly larger bio-magnetic reading than non-practitioners. Those frequencies are associated with physical healing.  

When the energy of a crystal interacts with the energy of the human body, it syncs with your present energetic vibration and creates a third energy field, in addition to harmonizing disruptive energies in the surrounding fields.  From here, the energy of the crystal is able to transmute stagnant energy, balance the vibrations in your biofield, and restore balance in the body with its natural rhythm.  An example of energies or stagnancy on a vibrational level would be those of stress, anxiety, trauma, lack of sleep, being involved with heightened emotional situations like drama, and other factors that may throw off your “vibe.”   

More and more people are searching for alternative ways to heal themselves, in addition to seeking answers to discover who they really are and their purpose in life. Whether you believe in the metaphysical benefits of crystals or not, I encourage you to try crystal healing for yourself.  At the very least, crystals can be used as a tool to help you stay focused on your goals. Since we are all vibrating at different levels, some people are energetically more sensitive to certain crystals than others.  With that said, just because one crystal is well-suited for a person, doesn’t mean that it is the best crystal for you.  It may take some time to see a noticeable effect physically and spiritually-but I encourage you not to get discouraged and experiment with a variety of healing stones that could work for you.      

In my line of work as a Reiki Master Teacher, I use crystals in my everyday life working with clients, self-healing and manifesting.  From personal experience, I can attest that using crystals are great for raising your vibration, opening chakras, communicating with angels & spirit guides, and provide clearing and protective properties from low vibrational energies. Crystals can even be used for healing your pets, (do not place directly on pets because they are naturally sensitive to energy). Personally, I sleep with crystals under my pillow at night or next to my nightstand, when I meditate, carry them in my purse when I travel, keep them in my car for protection, and by my computer desk for protection against EMF, etc. 

Check back on the Chakra To Ya blog for upcoming articles on how to choose the best crystal for you, how to create a crystal starter kit for your chakras, and guides on how to clear, charge, and program crystals for both self-care and manifesting purposes. 

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