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Do I Have A Guardian Angel?

It would be nice to believe that among our loving relationships there is someone watching over you guarding against harm. But the sceptic will soon say this is just wishful thinking. Fairy godmothers are for children’s fairy tales like Cinderella and not for educated adults. On the other hand it is claimed there is support for the notion of guardian angels in the experiences of individuals. There are those who claim their lives have been protected by what they say is the intervention of a dead loved one.

Use Christian Forums to Share the Good News of Jesus

In today’s fast paced world, there is little time for spiritual aspects. Everyone is worried about their career, family and future. However, it is a good thing to share your testimony on Christian forums to encourage other people.

Does God Want Us To Be Successful?

People often have misconceptions on what success truly is. However, if we study the Bible, there are things we can learn from it about how it talks about success and how does God view success.

Prayer As A Lifestyle

We are admonished, within the Christian lifestyle, to pray unceasingly (Luke 18:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:17). It is a fact that we cannot weary the Spirit of God. Sending our adoration, confessions, thanks, pleas, and intercessions is the role of those who call Jesus their God. But how do we integrate such prayerful activities as constants in otherwise busy lives? And how do we pray without losing heart?

Beginner’s Guide to Using Angel Cards

How to use angel cards including tips for purchasing and storing. Learn how to give an angel card reading to yourself or a loved one.

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