This Akashic Crystal Healing Shows You Who You Can Trust | Meditation

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A Whisper – The Gift

A whisper from your guides can be a message, a precognitive event, an intuition, or even a simple idea for a poem or story. Some whispers are about even bigger things — things you don’t know how you know, you just know.

The Secret Place: Higher Consciousness

Each new day that I awake it seems that life takes on a new direction…towards the same goal I have always had, I just didn’t know it. Beneath consciousness is a dark place where I cannot see the very things that drive me, that create me, that make me who I am right now. But I hear sounds, noise, the sound of insanity.

Stay Curious

We human beings are dynamic creatures and our relationships are vibrant expressions of that dynamism. But problems can often arise, especially in long term relationships, when we fall into the habit of thinking we know – thinking we know what our partner thinks, will say, or will do in a given situation. We turn our mates and even ourselves into static, one-dimensional images instead of allowing the full range of our potential to be expressed in each moment.

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