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Christian Life Vis-A-Vis The Surrounding Culture

Christians tend to be ambiguous in their attitude towards the surrounding culture. Either they isolate themselves as a group or they get lost in the crowd. The Bible however has good advice and enables us both to survive as a church and at the same time to be the light and salt of the world.

Have a Little Faith

Faith is one of the keys to living a life filled with peace and joy. Being connected spiritually will help you to have faith, which is believing in that which is unseen. Quantum physics explains that all possibilities exist in the quantum field (otherwise known as the future to us). Our thoughts are charged with a certain frequency which will attract the outcome that has the strongest charge to it. If you know that everything is possible and that you have the power to create the outcome you desire, you suddenly become much more aware of your thoughts and what you want to bring into your life!

Balancing Life Between Yourself and Others

Have you ever taken a look at your life and realized that you could be much more loving? Here is a some simple guides to help you be less selfish and more loving.

Christian and Jewish Relationships With God

Do Jews need the “Christian” message of “salvation”? What is the relationship of the Jewish people to God?

A Camp Dog Named Mona

Spiritual clarity can come from anywhere at any time. A woman strikes out into the unknown and meets a four legged friend who shows her the gift of inner quiet, and the sweet memories that are part of growing old.

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