Twin Flames Explained – Meaning, Signs, Stages – Are You Ready?

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Twin Flames Explained:

If you ever heard about twin flames, you might wonder about it’s meaning. So what is a twin flame? And how does it differ from a soulmate? Things to understand if this grabs your interest.

In this video we will first take a look at twin flames. We explain what they are and how they differ from soulmates. In a nutshell, twin flames derive from a soul that separates into 2 before entering a human body. So the question is, who carries the other half?

Quite an interesting topic to learn more about. So now that we know a little about twin flames, how do we spot them? Well, the video reveals everything you need to know. But let’s tell you a few spoilers when it coms to signs:

Feeling a strong physical pull
Intuitively knowing what that person is feeling, thinking, or doing
Having shared interests
Having the same dreams at night
Having the same emotions or thoughts at the same time
A feeling that you can easily communicate without actually speaking
Understanding hidden or complex parts of one another
Feeling as though it is natural and safe to be your true self
Sharing the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Sound pretty awesome, right? More information is provided in our video. But we hope you get the point from this list. So now that we understand the signs, are there any stages we could find ourselves in? Yes. Let’s list those for you too:

The Search
The Awakening
The Test
The Crisis
The Chasing or Running Stage
The Surrender
The Joining and Reunion

We hope that by now you have a good understanding of twin flames. Remember that even twin flames have no guarantee to stay together for ever. Yes, your chances are big, but you need to make it together. Whether or not you believe in twin flames, this video is meant to inform you about what to expect. It’s meant as a guideline, not a fixed set of rules. In the end, we’d love it if you find your twin flame. Or maybe you already found him or her. We hope this video was of help.

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