Weekly Horoscope April 5-11

Finding a Soul Path

What is a soul path? Exactly how can it lead us to spiritual success and also a deeper connection with God?

Rapid Ascension in 2013

Mary Magdalena talks on how to move quickly in the rising procedure. Her wisdom will certainly expand you heart and your life will start to grow.

How to Develop the Christ Self

Feed your heart spiritual food and do not seek the worldly globe, for this shall perish and you will be left empty as well as alone. Looking for the worldly globe keeps you embeded the third dimensional fact and Spirit can not endure you as you. The Bread of Life (in the Aramaic language that Jesus talked, understanding is the Bread of Life) is within you.

Trying To Do Spiritual Awakening

Our team believe that effort will take us to the coasts of spiritual stiring up similarly our initiative to paddle a watercraft moves us across a lake. However when stiring up starts to take place, it’s clear that it’s never a personal success or the outcome of ‘doing’.

The Curse of Division

Christ did not teach division yet there are a lot of opposing sects in Christendom today. Learn why.