What are Biorhythms? Finding your frequency and tuning in. (Neo Numbers)

7 Day Prayer Miracle
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2012: Twin Flames – Who and What Are They?

The consciousness of the planet is lifting higher and higher each day with the incoming energies being beamed down to Earth in 2012. With this higher consciousness comes a greater awareness and one of the things we are becoming aware of is that we are missing a part of our Selves. Some people have gone through entire lifetimes feeling incomplete and not understanding why.

You Can Drink and Still Be Spiritual: 5 Tips to Avoid Hangovers

Hangovers can seriously impede your success. But there are little-known ways to limit the negative effects of hangovers.

Buddha Postures and Significances

Buddha is an iconic figure in world religion. He started Buddhist religion wherein people are encouraged to leave all their material concerns and live a life full of happiness and contentment.

Precious God! My Lord – Let’s Completely Surrender to God

When the mind is engulfed with pain, we seek divine help. We realize that it is only God, who can show us a way and protect us from all the pain of the World. At times, the road or journey of life appears to be too long, narrow and weary. But the very thought of God, gives calmness to the mind. All the burdens are released with the glimpse of God in the mind.

World Peace Meditation – How to Use the Power of Meditation for Good

There are many ways to help help humanity live in a more peaceful and harmonious way with each other and the planet. In this article you will learn about the power of meditation to help humanity and you will learn a short world peace meditation that you can do every single day to raise the vibration of the planet.

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