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Find out what are the names of the 7 angels.

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So what is an angel? An angel is a supernatural being that is a benevolent celestial intermediary between a higher being and humanity. Finding your own guardian angel is important as well, this is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide you in your life!

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Spirituality For You is about bringing spirituality into your life. Having this spiritual awakening is so wonderful and this can be achieved with angel numbers, messages from angels, and numerology.


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God Said: “Take Up Thy Rod” – Raise Our Spiritual Awareness – Exodus 14:16

Instinctively we’re each driven to “recognize” our greater heart nature. Yet, as a result of generational conditioning causing faulty understanding, spiritual ignorance dominates thus is direct spirit “understanding” blocked. Check out just how we can reverse this dilemma.

12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

This is a time of Spiritual Awakening unlike any type of other. A lot of people are no much longer pleased with the status. What used to work, no longer does. There are much way too many people world-wide who are purposely getting in touch with Spirit, Source and also Angels for points to remain the exact same.

We Can Choose to Feel Lonely, But We Are Never Alone

Perhaps you assume I am playing with words or trying to be creative. I can guarantee you that I am not. I know what it is to really feel lonesome. I understand just how easy it is to think that I am alone and also that no person cares – that it is simply me against the globe. I understand just how rapidly I can allow myself to have a full-out pity event of one. All this can take place in the blink of an eye when I get into the tale that my vanity wants me to think – that I am separate from every person else and that I get on my own in this world.

Why the Best Prayers Are Inexpressible Prayers

God is excellent. Yet what does this truly indicate? What does it really say? Possibly we can just unload what this actually implies and also says when we enter into the Existence of the LORD … by prayer; by paying attention into the Spirit by quiet contemplation, by applauding him prayerfully in prayer, and also by being stashed in the Spirit.

What If There Were No Rules?

Thousands of so called “football video games” are played each week on playgrounds and in parks around the United States? They do their finest to try as well as emulate the criterion for football, but obviously, on many degrees they do not. But whether it’s a pick-up video game in the park or the NFL, genuine life is not a game. There’s a criterion wherefore’s right in the video game of football, and for everything else as well!

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