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What happens when you think Positive Thoughts? Find out in this video.

Having practiced positive thinking and teaching others how to use the power of positive thinking and our life, wanted to share what happens when you think positive thoughts in your mind.

So what happens when you think positive thoughts? When you think positive thoughts in your mind, you will create automatically equally positive feelings in your mind which will change your state of mind from negative to positive, feeling good instantly.

After having practiced positive thinking my own life for many years, and teaching it to others, I have seen the wonderful impact of positive thinking can have on your life, making an instant impact when you practice it properly.

How does the mind work?
The best way to look at how the mind works, is to observe what happens in your mind when youโ€™re feeling good. Because then you can observe the natural way of working of your mind.

When things are going well for you, that positive thinking is something that happens naturally in your mind.

Youโ€™re creating a constant flow of positive thoughts in your mind and what happens is that it will create positive feelings that will equal the positive thoughts that youโ€™re creating in your mind.

I believe firmly if thatโ€™s whenever you create a thought, that an equally positive or negative feeling is created in your mind.

When youโ€™re having a good day, your thinking positive thoughts, then you feel good in your mind. Equally when youโ€™re having a bad day and youโ€™re creating negative thoughts in your mind, then you will have negative feelings automatically in your mind.

So this is a very powerful concept that happens in your mind every day.


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