What Is A Mantra: How Does Mantra Meditation Work

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How does mantra meditation work and what are the benefits for you? Find out in this video!

I have done mantra meditation for several years and in this article, I wanted to share my experiences with what mantra meditation is and what the benefits are for you.

So how does mantra meditation work? Mantra meditation is a meditation where you repeat a mantra, which is a positive and powerful word or sentence, again and again in your mind so that you can create positive feelings and wonderful experiences during this kind of meditation.

Doing mantra meditation involves repeating a mantra from my own experience I can say that it is very effective and powerful to clear your mind during meditation.

Let’s take a look at what mantra meditation really is, how you can practice it, and what the benefits are for you.

What is mantra meditation?

Mantra meditation is a kind of meditation whereby you choose a certain mantra. This mantra is a positive and powerful word or sentence. This can be of value such as love or peace, a spiritual or religious meaning.

Depending on your beliefs and values, you can choose your own mantra that you will use in your meditation, or you can use a mantra that is used in the spiritual or religious discipline that you are following.

During this kind of meditation, you will then repeat this mantra over and over again in your mind.

You can repeat this mantra silently in your mind, or you can say it out loud.


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