What Is Walking Meditation & Its Benefits (2020)

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This video is about What Is Walking Meditation & Its Benefits in 2020.

I have been during meditation for many years and of huts wonderful experiences both in sitting down meditation sessions as well as during walking meditations and his article and want to share my experience of what walking meditation is what the benefits are for you also

So what is walking meditation? Walking meditation is a form of meditation whereby you practice your meditation technique whilst walking around. The benefits of walking meditation are that it is easier to focus during meditation and it will also prevent you from falling asleep during your meditation.

I love to do sitting down meditation, but I have had wonderful experiences during walking meditations, especially in the morning or in the evening.

I have been to India many times to do meditation in some of my fondest memories of wonderful meditations in India have been my walking meditations at 4 AM in the morning.

I absolutely love walking meditations because it makes during meditation very easy and you get the added benefits of getting some exercise and fresh air.

How to do walking meditation?
Whatever meditation technique you are doing, instead of doing that meditation while sitting down, you will do its wealth walking around.

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