Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 223?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 223 😬

Angel number 223 is a sign from the angels and a beautiful method of guidance.

What does it mean? Find out here!

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Be Aware, Informed, and Involved, With Those Who Are Suffering for Their Faith in Jesus Christ!

Our world is being battered in a manner I have actually never ever experienced being assaulted and also battered throughout my entire lifetime! Christians are being maltreated. Islam is seeking to overrun as well as rule. Horror is developing from one of the most unexpected corners. What have to do? Just how are we to act? In which methods must those that have true real confidence in Jesus Christ react and respond? Somehow we have to be ready to take on certain waves of opposition. We need to discover how to take care of harassment, or worse. Some daddies that have actually come from ‘religious beliefs’ have claimed to their kids that you have a selection, and also it is this. Leave Jesus or leave the family members! For over forty years I have actually been closely included with those who are maltreated for their confidence in Jesus Christ and also have had the benefit of satisfying some following they had appeared of jail.

Spiritual Warfare Is Becoming Fiercer, But Our Faithful God Remains Just As Strong and Capable!

What are we to do when we are opposed or persecuted or struck for our belief in Jesus Christ, the Boy of God? Well firstly we are taught that we should not be shocked. The apostle Peter had to contact the maltreated Christians around the year 60A. D. Bosom friend, do not be shocked or surprised when you undergo unpleasant tests that are like walking via fire, as though something uncommon is taking place to you. So we learn that this has actually been the truth considering that the church of Jesus Christ was birthed. And, we must not end up being afraid. Now, that is difficult! When you are under stress, prayer! You can worry or you can prayer! Which are you mosting likely to do?

A Psalmist’s Obsession: The Righteousness of God in Psalm 119

One of the easiest means to understand a part of Bible is to look for duplicated words. When the writer describes something numerous times within a couple of verses, he’s attempting to stress that topic.

Welcome to Nirvana

Enlightenment is the cessation of “doing,” and also is instead the simpleness of “being.” Welcome to Bliss.

The More Is Better Myth

We have actually been conditioned by the media to believe that even more is much better. Bigger autos, bigger houses, larger wages, larger getaways, also bigger sections at the drive-through are expected to ensure us more joy. Does having more than the average Joe really multiply our share of tranquility and happiness?

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