Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 3333? 🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 3333 😬

The Power of Words of Encouragement

Words can make or break a man. Encouraging words can make a man move mountains. Proverb 15:4 succinctly puts it; ‘someone hearing words of encouragement will grow like a tree and his life will be as enduring as a tree’s life is’.

Discover the Mystery of Faith Explained

Faith is a mystery that can be explained. You can know how to activate faith and empower yourself towards having a more fulfilling life. The secret is always in knowing the key elements of what something means if you are to be successful in life. Knowing what the truth about faith will give you the advantage that you have always sought. Your future will be determined by what you do with the knowledge you will possess after reading this.

Life: Something You Make-Up As You Go Along

If you could get rid of yourself just once, The secret of secrets would open to you. The face of the unknown, Hidden beyond the universe Would appear on the Mirror of your perception. Rumi – Now that I have reached trail’s end and rest, waiting to begin another part of the adventure- I have some time to reflect and wonder what will be of use for those who travel after me.

What Is Spiritual Naturalism?

This article provides a brief introduction to the core ideas of spiritual naturalism, namely the embrace of modern science and consequent rejection of supernaturalism, along with the cultivation of awe and reverence toward nature. It also describes the varieties of Spiritual Naturalism in the world today.

What Is Forming You?

  For many years, I taught people to have a “quiet time” in the morning before they did anything else. In addition, I taught that this time was to include prayer, Bible reading/study, journaling, and memory work, starting with at least five minutes a day. The gold standard was 30-minutes, and the platinum standard was Martin Luther’s 3- 4 hours before starting the day.

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