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Battle Of The Minds

Have you ever before questioned why there are times when your thoughts bring you peace and also times when it brings you turmoil? Have you ever asked on your own why certain ideas set off favorable and adverse feelings from you?

The Tantra Concept Of Universal Acceptance

Tantra educates us never ever to condemn anything, because by doing so we are closing our hearts and also spirits to the Infinite. It is our bias that hinder our possibility for spiritual growth. And also due to the fact that of this, they have to be subjected for the recklessness they are as well as be vanquished.

You and God – Faith and Logic

What are your understandings of God? What is your understanding of your partnership with God?

Lord Ganesha and the Feminine Path of No Resistance

Lord Ganesha stands at the limit between need as well as fact, as well as unlike other Gods and Gods of the Hindu pantheon, he calls for no action to make points occur. It is by his mere existence that points are enabled right into fact without obstacle or obstacle. In this feeling, he represents our own feminine nature: that of allowing consciousness to stream and also wishes to materialize.

How the Ascension Looks

We people are like the lavish child returning residence after misusing our riches, distributing our sacred power, and also failing to remember that we are magnificent beings. The rising is the process of this homecoming.

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