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Moments of Transcendent Awareness

The sunlight streamed with the late southerly summertime afternoon in gold rays. And also, there I stood in front of my grandmother’s mirror. It appeared significant and also in some way wonderful to me.

A Critical Attitude

So how about you? Do you have a friendship that needs a little love? As difficult as it can be, attempt to demonstrate that Christ-like love today!

At the End of the Road

These moments advised me of some friends I have actually understood throughout the years. Some appear to weather a tornado no matter exactly how hard the waves of anguish or defeat crash down on them. Various other individuals I recognize drop at the first spray of disaster.

God Is Going to Perform a Lobotomy on You

Ever wonder what will certainly take place to you when you die. According to many religions you will certainly either end up forever happy, or permanently unpleasant.

God Please Help Me – God I Need Your Help

If you are weeping out to God, God please help me, this post reveals you just how to take the very first step towards locating options to your issues. God knows specifically what you are undergoing and desires you to approach to Him and also He will certainly after that attract near to you. That’s His assurance.

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