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Winning With God Every Time

These words of Jesus’ were talked in response to the typically petty worries we have about things like what we will certainly eat and also what we will use. We can expand the objective of this Word of God to the wider topic of seeking understanding of God’s will as well as the dedication to carry it out. There go to the very least 2 methods we can win within the game of life with God every single time. Both include the looking for of as well as obedience to the performing of God’s will. The very first way is to seek the silver cellular lining upon every cloud. The 2nd way is to pick for a hostile pleasure in every bad situation, due to the fact that we have absolutely nothing much less than the full spiritual Visibility of God that is the reason for such delight.

A Pastor’s Recommendation

A priest buddy of mine suggests the use of a power petition card to boost your partnership with God. Also covered is the issue of prediction and tests for prophets.

What Is Spirituality’s Place When Tragedy Occurs?

When something on the range of Storm Sandy, as well as also of minimal size occurs, where do spiritual techniques belong or fit? When is the correct time to also think of such points?

Soul Master Handbook – Peace – Part 2

There is nothing that numerous of us want more, than tranquility. Assurance, globe peace, a serene residence as well as serene rest.

The Love of God Is Powerful: It Produces True Relationship With God, Faith, and a Sound Mind

God’s love is the most effective force in the world. Every little thing begins here: “For God so enjoyed the world that he gave his only begotten Kid.” God’s love produces true connection with him, his confidence at the office in us, and also a sound mind. This is real spiritual power. Our lives are either regulated by the love of God, or the legislation of God– the very first declares, the 2nd is unfavorable.

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