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What Is LIFE All About Anyway?

What is the nature of this energy? What is this unseen pressure that is running via each and every single POINT in the cosmos including us? Can we specify it in human terms? What does it desire? What is it’s goal? What is it attempting to do? How does it form us? Just how can we become mindful of it and perceive it as something REAL in our lives?

In a Slump? How About a Little Spiritual Bump?

No issue exactly how established we are to stay concentrated on our favorable attitude and advancing with our plans, there are constantly those days (or weeks) that just make you really feel deflated. In some cases these slow days affect you literally as well – your body and your mind join hands and consent to throw a damp blanket over everything.

How Fasting Can Bring Us Closer to God

It takes tremendous stamina to live an ethical life, no matter of what religion we practice, or possibly none at all. In his book Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis creates, “Men have actually varied regarding whether you should have one wife or four. However they have actually constantly agreed that you should not merely have any kind of woman you suched as.”

That’s A Description Of Heaven? It’s Not My Idea Of Paradise!

Our description of paradise can make or damage our desire to be there. Will we really reside in the clouds? Will it be lonely as well as silent? Will we understand any individual? While earth-bound we appreciate being physical, relational as well as free. So the possibility of an endless time in a nebulous spirit world can seem much from attractive. Yet is heaven truly like that? Or should we eagerly anticipate a much more preferable destination.

The Unraveling

Unraveling is the process in which we begin to discover our Truths, hidden within us, underneath the stories of ‘victimhood’ as well as the constant questioning of “why”. Both are characters that we have, sometimes, come to be rather comfortable in as well as recognize ourselves with. Unraveling is the exploration as well as undoing of what and also that we determined to be once. A decision made during a time when we merely really did not recognize far better.

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