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Expand Your Mind And Live A Free Life

Our mind is an attractive thing gifted by the God. Typically, we misunderstand our brain as our mind. Nonetheless, in reality, the human mind is simply a muscular organ having countless nerves, cells and also lots of various other organic components.

Resistance to Light, Love and Life

The ideas we embrace and call our very own are the source of our resistance to light, love, and also life. If we’ve been shown fear-based ideas as well as self-seeking attitudes, we’ll come across challenges on our path in the direction of making spiritual progress.

Your Life Begins Today

Everyone has something in their life that they have avoided for another day. Lots of even have so numerous desires and fantasizes that they wish to seek, yet never ever do, that the concerns of our dreams weigh a lot more on us than the burdens of our existing conditions.

2012: What I Know For Sure

2012 has actually changed my point of view on spirituality. It has also developed my understanding on certain ideas I have. I don’t believe any of us were planned for the modifications we have actually experienced, and the level of development we have attained spiritually.

Enhance Your Tantra Experience With Aromatherapy

In addition to setting the best sort of spiritual mood throughout tantra exercises, aromatherapy is a classic methods to accomplish overall healing of the body and mind. As a tantra teacher, I specifically support its usage in tantra reflection.

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