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7 Day Prayer Miracle
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The Eight Pointers to Reincarnation – An Example of the MEMP Approach to Truth

An instance of what might be called the Equally Unique Numerous Guidelines (MEMP) approach to uncovering the concealed facts is discovered here in connection with the concern of reincarnation. Those on life’s mission will find this fascinating and beneficial.

The Power Of Love In Christian Life

Christian living is associated with love. Every Christian should have and work out the power of love. It is most critical in your Christian life since it determines both your earthly and infinite benefits. He who does not enjoy does not as well as never did understand God, for God is love. This post offers you factors why you ought to exercise the power of love …

2012: What Is Ascension?

Do you remember back in 1998 a film called “The Truman Show”? It has to do with a person that discovers his whole life is a TELEVISION fact show. If you have not seen this flick, I suggest it due to the fact that it has a certain similarity to your life also.

How We Pray – Is It Working for Us?

I assume we can all concur that whatever your beliefs have to do with how, when, or why we hope, that petition, is an essential conduit to get in touch with the hidden and also mystical essence of God. The solution to how efficient or useful petition is for us can truly only be addressed by you, the pray-er.

Opening the Door of God’s Blessings

That God has actually provided His true blessings does not indicate we will certainly enjoy them. There is what to do to appreciate the blessings of God. Obedience to God’s commandment is the keep that unlocks to God’s blessing.

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