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Be Still

Why does it matter to be still? I believe it is because that is how you get in touch with God’s heart and see things a little more from the perspective of God. He says it is simple to do this, just two little words, “Be still.”

Does Meditation Really Help?

Yes, meditation helps in improving the quality of life. One way to meditate is to learn how to pray the Rosary. The practice helps to guide your thoughts while you pray and focus on what matters in life during the very moment of meditation.

What Exactly IS God’s Will?

Many people wonder what exactly is God’s will. Many look at this as what we must do and give, and miss the part of what He wants to do and give us. Did you know God wants to give you something, because He loves you?

Top Five Benefits of Reiki

We have all heard about the “Universal Life Energy” Reiki. It is a very famous spiritual practice that uses the natural energy to heal physical ailments as well as to resolve difficult situations in life. Dr.

Humor With the Angels

This article talks about the humor Angels show us, when we connect with them. Since I have worked with the angels they have shown me their humor in many different ways.

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