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Does God Still Perform Miracles?

In the American society we do not experience the miracles of God as often as in other cultures or at all. It is safe to say that many, if not most Christians do not experience miracles frequently. Why do we think that is. Men in Ministry if we are doing God’s work why are miracles not more prevalent in our ministry? There really is only one reason and one answer.

Reclaim Your Natural Intuition and Awaken Your Psychic Senses

We each have a natural intuitive ability which is there for us by birth-right. For some of us it may lie dormant or need a bit of rebirthing or even reclaiming. All it takes is to be still and quiet the busy mind as well as turn off the ego. We need to trust in the process and stay aware. Read on to find out more.

Enjoy Your Work

Sometimes it is hard to enjoy your work. Cleaning up a messy house is work that is no fun at all.

The Moon Phases and the Symbological / Spiritual Analogy of the Growth of the Seed

The moon is an amazing entity with its own powerful cycles that can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Take a look at the various phases of the moon and how they relate to our own spiritual growth and development. Analogies are made to the seed and its metaphorical and symbological journey as it sprouts from seed to full growth.

Unleashing The True Power of Concentration

Do you know what the gateway to heaven is? It is the dormant power of concentration within you. There are caves of power that lie entrenched and unexplored right inside you, what if you could be trained to knowingly be in command to use the powers within you, you can accomplish much more than you ever thought possible. Therefore the gateway to heaven is…

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