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The Invisible in Our World

You feel the wind, but do you really see it? You see the trees swaying as their leaves dance to the beat of the wind. We do not have to be able to “touch” anyone to be connected with them. No one sees our thoughts, yet, we send out thoughts and vibrations to our surroundings. We send our collective healing thoughts and prayers to victims of man’s inhumanity to man, or natural calamities. Even inanimate objects need respect and care- some fuss over their vehicles and other prized possessions. These exist in our invisible world.

How Spiritual Ideas Provide

In my early twenties, living in small duplex in Venice Beach, CA. with my three small children, I felt as if every day was a struggle to provide for my family. A light in my world arrived when I became a member of a lovely little white church located just around the corner from our house.

How Can a Book Full of Inconsistencies, Like the Bible, Be Divinely Inspired?

Don’t many people, who have given up on the Christian churches, see the Bible to be full of inconsistencies? Maybe. But the footballer Darren Bent doesn’t think so. He has revealed that he reads the Bible every day before he gets up and finds this has helped him cope with missing out on England’s Euro 2012 squad through injury. What makes this story newsworthy is how unusual this is in this day and age in Britain.

Who Is The Real God?

This question has been asked by every human at one time or another. Ancient man had it figured out and believed in many gods-the god of war, the god of the ocean, the god of gods, and so on. All of them had names.

Soul Master Handbook – Surrender and Letting Go – Part 1

This article is part of a series of articles within the Soul Master Handbook. Each article represents an aspect or a quality of the soul.

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