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Taking The Long Way Around To Get To Where We’ve Always Been

Whether willing to admit it or not, the underlying motivation for all our doing is ultimately to earn the acceptance, love and approval of God. No one wants to be rejected when it comes time to leave the planet and yet all we are doing is running from ourselves because there is no God out there. You are it. The reason we are not aware of this is because for the most part, religions have always had a need to control the masses in order to achieve whatever their stated agenda was, but such agenda was really just a smokescreen for maintaining power and control, and this is why they have us convinced in the need to serve an outside God-and in needing to feel worthy. That’s not to take away from the sincerity of many devotees of a religion, but the power politics is always there behind the scenes.

Developing Spirituality – How, to Deal With Temptations

Developing Spirituality is something that many Christians never master. There is a constant battle going on in the mind. We are always wrestling with whether we will do what we desire, or what God desires. Prayer, Bible study, and feeling a close relationship with Deity, helps us to realize that we have to permit him to be the Lord of our life. That means that he is in charge.

Being Agreeable With My Agreement

Being Agreeable is the ability to agree and the ability to never disagree. Even when someone’s perspective is different to mine, I never disagree. I always agree to allow all others to agree their own perspective. I agree to allow all others to follow their own path.

My Evolving Relationship With Faith

I think that faith has become an obsession for me.Β  It has taken me a lifetime to figure out exactly what it is and how to use it.

Soul Master Handbook – Love

This article is part of a series of articles within the Soul Master Handbook. Each article represents an aspect or a quality of the soul.

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