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Tantra – Spiritual Discipline Vs Sexual Repression

As a tantra teacher, I have often been asked whether tantra is nothing but the absence of sexual repression. After all, a tantra master trains his disciples in overcoming of sexual inhibitions, guilt and fear. Does this then mean that a student of ancient tantra is nothing but an uninhibited Bohemian capable of astounding sexual feats?

2012: What on Earth Is Happening to Us?

As we near the end of 2012 humanity is being bombarded with energy from the cosmos and the central sun. This energy is pure God consciousness, pure unconditional love and we are being bombarded with it so that we will wake up out of the illusion we are living.

All You’ve Got

How far would you go to show your love for that LORD? This lady gave all she had and for that her memory lives on.

Life by Design Instead of Default

I heard this phrase originally when it was used as the theme for a sales convention I attended a couple of years ago. Of course in this case, the phrase was intended to juice up the sales people to “make” their own destiny from aggressively going after new clients.

The Changing Facets of Church Membership

Church membership organizes, protects and governs the local church community. The Bible encourages a form of community that barely resembles church membership today. There are both rewards and costs to the structures that the church has adopted.

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