Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 430?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 430 😬

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The World’s Longest Prayer

I watched as Joshua age eleven, as he handed the marker he was using to a younger girl with glasses. You can add your name, your school or anything else he said as she took the red marker from his hand. A smile came across her face as if she had been let loose to color on the walls.

Coming to Terms With Death – How to Accept the Death of a Loved One

Coming to the terms of the death of a loved one is one of the saddest periods in our life. We don’t understand why they had to die and leave us alone. We do not know how to go on without them. Christians know that just as Jesus cried when Lazarus died, he is crying with us in our grief. We will all be united again in heaven.

Hearing, Seeing and Sensing Angels All Around Me – How It All Started

For many years, I simply wanted to be just like everyone else so I hid behind a wall of shyness. That didn’t work no matter how hard I tried.

What Did You Feed Your Mind Today?

We are able to say what we ate today. Now let me ask you what it is your mind took in today. From emails, internet, video, news, newspapers, magazines, books, jokes, tweets, and posts. Could you tell me? Are we not consuming information the same as we do food?

I Am Not My Body, But My Body Is Me

The body is an amazing machine. The facts about the intricate and enormous capacity of the body can fill up volumes, but for now, let me share just a few of the interesting facts about our bodies:

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