Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 432?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 432 😬

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Is God Residing in a Temple?

People try locating God in various sanctimonious places but they aren’t aware of the fact that God resides in their hearts. They shall heal themselves with the soul of the Lord to find bliss.

Have You Seen Glimpse’s of The Fourth Dimension?

Why are we so sightless that we need x ray machines to see through elements when we were meant to pierce visually through particular forms of matter as the technician peers through a microscope. I will explain.

How You Can Use Numerology to Help You With Your Relationships

Why do so many people look to astrology and numerology compatibility analysis for relationship guidance? Throughout the ages humans have always looked for ways that they can get more certainty into their lives. Many people turn to the stars, the tarot or numerology for guidance and solace. But is this really of any value or are the supposed gurus of these disciplines merely spinning an elaborate story.

Coaching, Mentoring and Spirituality

Sometimes in mentoring and coaching the question of spirituality comes up with a client; it is not necessarily the issue they engaged you for, but the conversation spirals in that direction, and you are faced with that awkward moment of deciding whether to explore it with them or leave well alone. I think it is important not to discount it for the simple reason that our lives are holistic in nature – and furthermore it is not as if ‘it’ – spirituality or God – could be compartmentalised even if we wanted it to be.

The Pros and Cons of Psychic Lines

Psychic Lines – love them or hate them – are here to stay. First started in the 1980’s we now have customers that have known them since birth. My nine year old son has never had a cassette player nor compact disk player – he has an iPod and will probably graduate into an era of 3D hologram/virtual reality readings via internet, or whatever comes next is any psychic’s guess.

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