Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 437?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 437 😬

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Are You Living Your Life Intuitively?

Why do some people find it easy to follow their intuition while others aren’t even sure that have any? Living intuitively is a choice that we can all make. Do you think that your intuition has abandoned you? Don’t worry, it’s still there, it might just be a little quiet right now. This article looks at why that might be.

Spiritual Transcendence of the Quantum Self

Most people think that spiritual transcendance occurs as a big cataclysmic experience but it also occurs in barely noticeable moments. The common belief in a consistent self is fundamentally erroneous. We are more a confederation of selves that are connected to varying unconscious models of the world. When we understand this then it helps us to notice that we also have small moments of spiritual enlightenment. One might say we can experience moments of “micro-transcendance.”

Death Card Tarot Meaning

The death card meaning is often misinterpreted in a tarot card reading. Many panic when the death card is revealed. Here is a deeper and clearer meaning of the death card for online tarot card readings, showing how looking at the death card in a different light can help make much needed change and evolution in ones life.

Distant Healing or Reiki Isn’t All Mumbo Jumbo

Distant Energy healing is becoming a more popular mode of achieving healing for emotional and physical blockages as our modern lives are becoming increasingly busier. As Eastern philosophies are becoming more desirable and gaining greater reputation more and more people are leaning towards reiki, energy healing and various other means to heal.

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The lovely Magician card excites me and leaves me wondering in a delightful and assured way. The magician is a being that uses energies and resources to turn a situation or an opportunity into anything they want or need. This is a wonderful place to be and this card is letting you know that you have the ability to achieve or have whatever it is you wish for.

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