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Why Meditation Is Not A Waste Of Time

We are far too busy in the western civilization these days, to find the time to meditate. This is the reasoning behind why you’re not missing out on life, when you set some time aside for daily meditation.

Making The Bread of Life

One of the greatest dangers we face today, particularly in our American society, is individualism. It is the idea of “every person for themselves – I got mine, now you get yours, and tough beans for everyone else.” This runs counter to the Bread of Life as described by the wisdom of Jesus.

Worship Is A War-Ship – (Worship As Warfare)

The saint is a called to warfare with the powers of darkness. This we believe is clear to many. Unfortunately the nature of this warfare has been misunderstood by many for so long. Many saints are busy fighting a defensive war against the devil while in actual fact God has called us to fight an offensive warfare. We are not called to sit still and wait for the enemy to come against us.

How To Tell If You’re About To Astral Project

It’s important you understand all the signs and symptoms that direct you to having a perfect astral projection. These signs and symptoms always tells you whether you are in the right direction to achieving a positive projection or you follow the wrong way conducting your astral projection activities. Therefore, with these things in mind, you will be able to always determine your astral projection success and to do this, it is important to look at these signs and symptoms.

Oh My Soul – Getting in Touch With Your Soul

Many consider the soul as the invisible embodiment and essence of the individual, and if that’s true, what exactly does that mean? Is the soul just an unknowable concealed part of us?

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