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What You Remember About The Past, Is Not What A Friend Remembers

In this article I explain how the past still exists and can be manipulated to ripple forward into the present and make changes in your life. The past and future exist in probable psychological fact and this will color events that have already taken place. Your present experience still extends back into the past and when your present changes, the past must also change to support the new present. It happens automatically and that is why it is not noticed on the conscious level. That is why no two people will remember the exact same events in the exact same way even though they both experienced the same event together at one time.

Why Don’t Demons Leave Automatically?

Demonic spirits have a job description: to kill, steal and destroy. Many Christians believe that demons must necessarily leave a person when they get “saved” or filled with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes this happens but often they still remain. Why is that?

The Transformative Power of Chakra Awakening

Awakening the chakras is an important and integral part of learning tantra. Opening the pathways for tantric energy to flow is a must if one wishes to make any progress at all. However, do not be under the impression that awakening the chakras is merely a mystical tantric practice.

How to Identify and Communicate With Your Spirit Guide

We believe everyone has at least one spirit guide, but sometimes it may seem like you’re severely lacking in spiritual assistance. Rest assured, you always have at least one watching over you.

The Bible: Where Many Go For Wealth Principles

Every body loves to win, Nobody like to be a loser. The information written in this article is to encourage, and help you approach your dreams for your life in a more certain manner, If you are an avid reader of the bible, you’d find this information most encouraging. if you are not, the scriptures used and apply can change things for you in the area of your concentration.

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