Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 443?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 443 😬

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Key Differences Between A Live Psychic Reading And An Online Psychic Reading?

Even though it is becoming ever more popular to get psychic readings in person, various genuine psychics are also daily springing up online, making it real easy for people to get instant psychic consultation in the comfort of their home. All that is necessary in a psychic-client interaction is trust and effective communication. Once these are in place, where and how does not really matter.

My Past Life And The Peaceful Warrior

When I was 19 I took part in a past lives reading that would become one of the most memorable moments of my life. This article is about that experience and how it relates to the book The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior and the lessons it has to teach us.

Dialing Up the Ancestors

What if I told you that “spiritual healing” was more than just working on your own stuff in this lifetime? What if you came into this life with memories, fears and outdated belief systems of your ancestors, carried in your DNA… and that they are playing subtle back ground “programs” that influence your own behavior and that this too, is a big part of spiritual healing?

Hold On Hold On And Never Give Up Nor Give In As This Fierce Storm Increases In Intensity

We have been coming through, or in the middle, or just at the start of, a season that is seeing political and financial upheaval in Europe, warring turmoil across northern Africa, and the serious issues in Iraq and Afghanistan show no signs of being resolved. There is also increasing tension throughout the Middle East and study of what is currently happening in Iran and Syria give cause of much concern. Having been reading and studying the recent speeches which Iran’s President has been delivering at the United Nations gives rise to alarm as it would appear that the leaders of many nations just do not realise what the man is actually saying. This is where we hold on in prayer, because we never know when we are only one day away from an answer. Hold on. Hold on in prayer. Do not give in. Do not give up. Do not lose faith. Never, never, never, lose your faith in Jesus Christ.

One Will – The Family of Man Has Only Love Will

Human will is a powerful thing. With its power, we can create great good, or a royal mess. Most people use their will to pursue their own individual purposes. But the power of will can also be used to unite; to cooperate; and to participate in a wonderful, collaborative dance with God and our fellow man. Then, great beauty — even miracles — can happen. Which will it be? You get to decide. It’s an important decision, because how you use your will determines what your life will be.

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