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How To Break Witchcraft Curses

Earth was designed to be an embassy of heaven, but it quickly fell to the dominion of the forces of hell. Since then the inhabitants of the earth have been enslaved by the powers of darkness. Witchcraft has been practiced since the beginning of time. Right from ancient Babylon with the rise of Nimrod the great hunter, through to ancient Egypt where the likes of Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses down to the present times, mankind has lived with the horrors and darkness of the evil powers.

Foods That Help Balance the Solar Chakra

Solar Plexus chakra also known as Manipura, is one of the seven chakras in the body. It is the region in your body where your abdomen and thorax meet. There are a number of bodily tasks linked with Solar Plexus chakra for instance your mental strength, digestion process, and functionality. It is symbolized by yellow color and the aspect linked with this chakra is combustion. The key issues governed by Manipura are issue of individual power, distress, anxiety, self-absorption, transition from simple of base emotions so it is very important to keep this chakra nourished and healthy.

Foods That Help Balance The Crown Chakra

Crown chakra also known as Sahasrara, is the seventh of seven chakras. Sahasrara is one of the most important parts of your inner being. It helps in connecting and the release of karma, physical action with reflection and intellectual action with the universal consciousness and unison. It is also known for its strong emotional action with ‘being-ness’ and detachment form illusion. This crown chakra is located on your head top. Usually, it is said to radiating golden, lavender and sometime white colors. This part also acts as your conduit especially when there are some forms of peace associated energies that are flowing in your inner being. It is therefore important to always protect it in term of feeding it with the special food that helps it to vibrate properly.

What Is Your Driving Force?

What is your motivation? There is so much evil going on around us and even the church is not spared. There is a yearning for people who regardless of the pollution in our society will dare to stand out. God is searching for men who will not exchange their faith and conscience for a bag of gold. What frames your ideologies? Have you had a troubled childhood? Have you been assaulted and molested by someone very close to you and you have allowed this to control your life even into adulthood and as a result, you are not at peace with yourself. Below the filth and dirt of the earth are buried the most precious stones. Make up your mind not to be influenced by the negativity around.

Foods That Help Balance The Third Eye Chakra

Chakras are your power source. They are spots in your body in which your concealed energies are amassed. They are opportunities for life power to stream into and out of your feelings. They reveal your self-consciousness and nurture your soul. If they are released in that case it is like food for your soul. They are similar to a power channel, at the finish of which is religious light. Once your chakras are open, you can contrast your existence to a lotus blossom. While a lotus blossom blooms brilliantly in mud, likewise your life as well thrives when your chakras are stimulated. Third eye chakra is a source of power for instinctive and perception views.

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