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Using Life’s Set-Backs to Re-Set Our Life

We have all heard the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Frankly when you are feeling like sour grapes, there is nothing more irritating than hearing old cliches like this from our well intentioned loved ones.

What Shakespeare Can Teach Us About Enlightenment: All the World’s a Stage

When I was an undergraduate at university many years ago, my deep enjoyment and love for the works of William Shakespeare blossomed. I had the privilege of taking a Shakespearean class and then during one summer in my undergraduate years, I was able to travel through Europe inexpensively on a bike and a Europass to see the great sites. A memory I remember most is going to Stratford-upon-Avon and watching a William Shakespeare play. I don’t know where my passion and love for his plays comes from but it has been a deep part of my life. His writings have also taught me many things.

Enlightenment Doesn’t Exist – But You Can Definitely Become More Enlightened

Does enlightenment really exist? Are the people claimed to be enlightened really that? What are the practical steps you can take to become more enlightened? Discover how enlightenment is a never-ending process of spiritual discovery and awakening.

How Can You Know That God Exists

Mankind has struggled since time began with the question of a creator of the universe. It comes down to what you want to believe. Do you want to discard thoughts of eternal punishment or reward, and ceasing to exist, or deep down in your heart are you yearning to go on living eternally in the joys of heaven? Why risk eternal destruction? If you accept and eternal deity, what do you have to lose?

How to Know God Is Real

How many times do we sit back, look at our life, and wonder if God is really there? Circumstances unraveling around us seem chaotic at times, but look closer, and you may be surprised. God isn’t ‘showy’, He is consistent; in the good and the bad times.

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