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The Tree of Life

There are many times events in our life we find hard to explain or even understand while they are playing out in front of our eyes. Many times they are only partially understood and it may take many years before the total lesson is understood.

Ways to Place A Buddha Statue

From a pensive, thin meditating figure to fat, happy camper, you can find Buddha statues in various forms. Similarly, you can place the statue of Buddha in various locations in your home. You can find the best areas to put the statue that can boost your life with kindness, awareness, happiness and enlightenment.

Universal Truths Are the Only Truths

It never ceases to amaze me how many people believe something that is totally untrue and makes no sense whatsoever, they go online to find verification of what they believe, they find it and then think it is the gospel truth. Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. You can find something on the internet to backup anything you believe, that doesn’t make it true, you are only parroting what someone else believes.

We Have Lost Our Way

It doesn’t matter how much effort we put into following our life path, we all occasionally lose our way. Events and circumstances occur that can change our perspective immediately. When this happens it can create an environment where we begin to question everything we think we know,and as a result, we can lose our way and wander aimlessly until a new path and way of life determined.

What Is a Light Body?

There is a lot of emphasis placed upon the eternality of the soul in traditional churches, but not a lot of emphasis is placed on the resurrection body. However, this “glorified” body is mentioned frequently in the Bible. Learn what a light body is and how it is used by those who have mastered the illusion of separation and embraced oneness.

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