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The Law of Attraction and the Power of Prayer

The law of attraction can be used to explain why some prayers are answered while others are not. Even more important, given this information, one can utilize the implications of this statement and the powers of the law of attraction to optimize their prayers in order to increase the chances those prayers will be answered.

First Tip on Being a Telephone Tarot Reader

As a telephone tarot reader, you will find it is more difficult than doing tarot readings face to face. It is at times difficult and demanding, you have to be able to answer questions quickly and be thick skinned. People can be rude, shout and put the phone down if you do not say what they want to hear, this is because the market is saturated with telephone psychics and they can pick up the phone and ring someone else.

How to Handle a Crisis

Your family will face a crisis. It may not be today.

By Your Words Makes You The Most Powerful People on This Earth

You set your course in life by your words. The right words have the power to establish your destiny in life. Find out what those words are and watch your world change around you.

How Spirituality Promotes Health

It was only late in life when I realized the relation between spirituality and health. In fact this realization came to me only when I understood that spirituality and religion are two distinct realities, that is, only within the last ten years of my life and I am now 64 years old. In this article I hope that you will learn how to stay healthy by staying in contact with the spirit.

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