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7 Day Prayer Miracle
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Soul Master Handbook – Detachment Part 2

Detachment – a state of release from the attachment of things, people, ideas, beliefs, identify in order to attain authentic spiritual awakening. In Soul Master Handbook – Detachment Part 1, I described the human tendencies towards attachment.

Choose Life – Can You Hear This Call or Are Your Ears Stopped Up?

God continues to tell any who will listen to choose life, not death. The message He gave to the Israelites over 3000 years ago is the same message He is giving now. The question is are you listening?

How to Balance Your Root or Base Chakra

Are you struggling with your entire frame of mind, which seems to be spacey and disorganized? Are you readily controlled by strong feelings of anger over simple things? Do you feel your confidence and drive has been thrown out of the window, and you can’t focus on your goals anymore? Chances are you seriously need root chakra balancing to restore back the lost confidence in place of fear, calm in place of anger, and drive in place of pessimism.

Faith In Daily Life

In Psalms it says that he is happy that has the God of Jacob for his help and whose hope is in the Lord his God. Faith is the element of hope in Christianity that seems to make a difference in the way a Christian lives his life.

How to Balance the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, one of the seven energy centers of the body, it is the ultimate connection to the higher self and spirituality. Adversity often comes along with any imbalance or blockage of one of the seven energy centers and identifying the symptoms is beneficial to anyone suspecting such an issue. Once this is identified there are several steps one can take to help overcome a blockage or imbalance.

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