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Is There An Afterlife? The Sacred “Secret” That Psychic Mediums Tell Us About Life After Life

What happens when we die? Do we go to heaven? What’s it like?

The Transformation of God

God has changed over time. Before you get mad at me for this bold statement, let me explain what I mean. The real God, the major force that created the Big-Bang, or, if you prefer, created the world in six days as told in Genesis, cannot be grasped by the human mind. This Force is unknowable, well above human thinking. Probably the only ones that can contact this major power are the mystics, but the human language hinders them from communicating effectively their experiences. The God that we may know, the God that we can talk about is what Jung called the “Image of God” we keep inside our psyche. Therefore, when we talk about the evolution of God, we refer to the image of God we hold inside our psyche, or, using a Jungian term, the Self. Through human history we can discern six major stages in the evolution of the God-image.

How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Are you holding on to excessive emotional baggage and feel a pressing need to talk to someone about it? Are you suppressing any mental thoughts and emotions that seem to be literally congesting your heart? Do you always feel the rejected and unloved by the people around you? Then you are an utter example of someone with imbalanced heart chakra. This energy center is one of the most essential chakras as it is the primary controller of emotions. Truth be told, our energy center experiences some imbalances when we go through some severely emotional incidents within our lives. Most definitely, this is the ultimate cause of heart chakra imbalance, and if you look carefully, this imbalance is a result of some previous emotional situation.

The Beauty of Scriptural Allegory

This article addresses the scriptures that teach us not to take the Bible literally. The original authors of the Biblical text were mystics who veiled the true meaning of the stories beneath the literal interpretation.

Why True Grounding Is Essential for Your Well-Being

Grounding is THE key to emotional and energetic balance. It means that you are present in your body and firmly connected to the Earth. Grounding is especially important for people with high-sensitivity. With good grounding, you can keep your balance, be fully present in the here and now and bring in all of your spiritual gifts.

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