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Friends and Friendships

Indispensable friendships are orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Growing relationships to become indispensable friendships is a command from Paul the apostle. So obedience requires us to work to create and nurture indispensable friendships.

God Story – Why Putting God First Is The Right Thing To Do To Enjoy Success In Life

Have you ever worked so hard and it amounted to little or nothing? Or have you expected everything to go well only to see the very opposite happen? It may be because you didn’t put God first. For you to enjoy success in life, one wise and right thing to do is putting God first in all you do in life.

Walking Out Who We Are

As born again believers in Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost living inside of us, let us take the Word of God into our spirits and fully walk out who we are in Him. Let’s give Him all of our praise right now. Amen. Hallelujah to His name forever!

When Storms Come

We all find ourselves in times of storms. The secret is learning what to do in the storm.

Help the World and the Church Through Evangelism Training

Love is more than just a word, it’s an action. Rather than just telling people about God and Jesus and the love extended to us, we should show it by how we treat and respond to people. If we can’t show this love we’re missing a key component in the process of evangelism.

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