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Does Government Rule What Churches Preach?

Freedom of Religion means more than just one has the right to worship whomever and however he or she wants, but also that the church has the right to preach and practice their faith unhindered. However, that is not what is happening in Canada or America. However, when the government legislates what the church can and cannot preach, they are NOT helping the faithful; they are hurting them.

Jesus and My Job

The Bible is filled with people who took seriously their role in the world of work. We’re not talking about taking your employers time to “witness” to unbelievers. We’re talking about witnessing by the quality of work that you give to your employer.

How To Communicate With Your Higher Self

We all have within us a higher aspect of ourselves, which we call a higher self. That aspect has an understanding of every area of our life. When we communicate within a higher aspect of ourselves we discover a greater paths to reach, what it is that we would like to manifest in physical form. The higher self also guides us and instruct us on what is best for our present life.

Life Is Suffering, Suffering Is Caused By Desires, Or Maybe Not

The title of this article is a basic principle of Buddhist teachings. The common interpretation is that unfulfilled desires cause pain and suffering. This is very easy to understand, that desires themselves are the cause of suffering and we have to remove all desires to end suffering.

Love and Jealousy Create Mid Life Crisis?

Jealousy can create a mid life crisis. Unconditional love can end a mid life crisis.

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