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One Shot Opportunity in a World of Busyness

We continually encounter situations that have life changing opportunity. The golden key that unlocks a tremendous capacity for the service of God, and the wholeness of humanity lies within a willing believer’s power. On the other hand, we may also squander an opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life. The path to heaven’s glory and how to obtain the abundant life should not be offered by tongues of frivolous indifference and apathy. Words are powerful, and they should be spoken thoughtfully and with the aim of man’s redemption as Almighty God directs. The majority of mankind teeters precariously, on the top of a slippery fence. There is hell on this side, and heaven on the other. The words we speak may persuade him or her to either side. How shall we encourage these fellow humans for time and eternity? We cannot altar man’s estrangement from God unless we become witnesses of his life changing grace. We also must have experienced a taste of heaven through the new birth. Men and women cannot be witnesses to what they do not know. We must seize every opportunity for the glory of God, if we are valid witnesses and wise!

The Story of Shunkai

An interesting tale from early 19th Century Japan. The Story of Shunkai helps us to ponder our own lives – hopefully less tragic than Shunkai’s! Perhaps this Zen story can help us to meditate on our blessings and avoid negative thought patterns.

5 Ways to Lead a More Spiritual Life (Without Living in a Cave)

The questions are universal: How do I create more meaning in my life? There must be more than this? What is the key to happiness? The answers are more simple than you might think. Read on to discover the five easiest ways to bring more peace, happiness, meaning and spiritual well-being into your life exactly as it is.

What Should Be The Lifestyle Of a Christian

If you’re like me, you’d want to know the truth about things in which you are involved. You want to know what you are following is authentic, and not manipulation. Especially when it comes to the bible, Christianity, and the church. You’d want to know that you are doing the right thing, you are practicing what Jesus taught and teaches by the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that as you read this article, truth would manifest itself to you, and that you’d be in a better place in mind and heart than you were before reading it.

As We Move Away From Moral and Spiritual Standards Tragic Consequences Are Hard to Reverse

Some argue that you should never mix politics and religion, but it is when they are separated and divorced that problems arise. We are finding that in Scotland just now when it comes to moral matters such as same sex marriage. Twenty or thirty years ago this would never have been contemplated, but move away from Genesis and Creation and the teaching of Jesus Christ and soon people move away from what has been accepted for generations. What I do in private influences how I behave in public. How many are discovering that to be true, and it is so embarrassing for the family and friends of the man who thought he might never be found out!

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