Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 467?🌌 The Deeper Meaning Behind Seeing 467 😬

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Dying Daily

We all want to Change, but knowing how is very important. Dying to self and letting God take control will always Guide you in the right direction. You have the Power to Change your life, but only if you really want to. We all are warring within ourselves, but if were wise we will choose right and this will minimize some of the heartaches, troubles, and pains we bring upon ourselves.

Feeling the Presence of God – How to Feel God’s Presence

Many feel that God is so far away from them that he cannot affect their life. God has always been close to us. In Old Testament times his presence was in the temple. He also appeared in fire and smoke. Today, he lives inside believers. This shows he desires a personnel relationship with us. We need to feel his presence for that to happen.

How Does Saying “Yes!” To Gratitude Relate to Ascension?

Gratitude plays a vital role in the process of ascension. Gratitude affects your wellbeing, increases your experiences of wealth and allows you to be a master in creating the abundance you desire in life.

Are You Ready To Join Aglow and Transform Your Community?

Aglow has grown and developed local groups in over 170 nations with the mission to transform local communities through the love and the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Discover what this organization is all about and decide if it’s something for you to check out.

When God Speaks

One thing I learned soon after I was married is that when God speaks and really wants to get my attention, He doesn’t just say something once. Maybe it is because He knows I don’t catch on quickly. Or maybe it is yet another facet of His amazing grace and mercy.

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