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What Would a Soulless World Look Like?

I have had a couple of pretty good debates with some people on the existence of the soul recently. This debate gets tedious as both sides can never empirically claim victory for either the presence of a soul or the lack of it (assuming this point must be argued at an empirical level).

The School Of Prayer

We all want answers to our prayers. Sometimes, we question whether or not our prayers are reaching God. The best way to learn the art of prayer is to learn from the best teacher, Jesus Christ!

Soul Vs. Spirit – What’s the Difference?

This articles deals with the frequently asked question: “What’s the difference between a soul and a spirit?” Understanding the difference between these two aspects of your own celestial body is key in dealing with and properly servicing yourself.

Lacanian Philosophy on Psychoanalysis

With Lacan’s contention of humans as parle-etre, the study moves to make sense of the subject and its world. A further analysis of how the subject experiences the biological body helps the subject to be at peace with self and surroundings.

Verbal Prayer, Mental Prayer, and Bringing Your Needs Before Spirit

What is prayer? It’s simply talking to God or Spirit or Universal Source, or whoever it is you talk to and rely on for your spiritual comfort and support. I can’t teach you how to pray.

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